When building a shed to resemble your home, the American Classic is the perfect style for you.

This model features 6" overhangs on all four sides and upgraded shingles, giving your shed a finished look and feel. You can’t go wrong with this classic and functional design.

Click on our options & accessories page to view the available accessories you can use to customize your American Classic style Stor-Mor shed.

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Standard Features Include:

  • 2x4 construction with 6/12 roof pitch
  • Rafter cross ties give superior strength to the building's frame
  • Wood floor with pressure treated skids
  • ¾" tongue and groove floor decking
  • Vertical primed siding
  • Architectural shingles
  • Attractive and functional vent
  • Large 4' x 6' wood swing door (steel reinforced)
  • 6” overhang on all four walls
  • Keyed lockable door handle
  • Available in sizes ranging from 4' x 8' to 16' x 24'

7' Sidewalls

8' Sidewalls